Why To Buy Sophie The Giraffe For Your Baby?

When it comes to babies, their happiness is everything for any parent. Seeing those precious smile just makes our day worth living. It is true that babies are the most amazing and the cutest beings ever hence spoiling them is also a part of it.


When a baby starts to grow teeth they will try to bite anything they can and trust us when they bite they bite hard well for this we have a solution and that is to buy sophie the giraffe in melbourne. Yes, this toy is actually a chew toy for babies with their teeth in growing stage.


When you think about buying Sophie the giraffeyou will see that this toy is just 7.5 inch tall and it smells like vanilla. Now this chew toy has nothing that can make your kids smarter or anything like that however, it is a rubberized toy on which your kids can chew on for many hours.

The birth of Sophie the giraffe began in 1961 in France and since then it has become a go to toy for every baby and for every parent. Of course after taxes this toy can cost you a bit more however, due to its reputation you will find gifts for twins in high end baby gift stores as normally you will see it less in your local baby shop.


Let us begin with a little history about the Sophie the giraffe so that you can understand why it has became the most popular chew toy for babies. It all started when an expatriate from France namely Dumoulin Montgomery who just had a baby in the year 2000 wanted a toy for her daughter. Well when she couldn’t find any toy like Sophie well then she started to make some requests to the founder of Sophie and well once it reached in America, it quickly became the go to toy.


You would see Sophie the giraffe mostly in the hands of kids who belong to celebrities for example Kate Hudson who first bought the toy for her son and since then every parent who wanted this toy would be buying it non stop.


In the year 2007 the demand rose to its peak and since then it has been the best selling toy ever as in about 200 toys per day are being sold and it is still go to toy for parents. We can say that it has something to do with the way Sophie is perceived by babies especially the face that it has, it is like something of a magic that makes a baby feel calm while chewing on it.


Well if you are ever in the market to buy sophie the giraffewell why not consider us,