Why You Should Like Babies

Let’s face it babies are really adorable. With the smell, the looks, the teeny tiny size which is really surprising for us adults but when they start to cry all of a sudden all that cuteness you have in your mind turns salty and clueless. That’s why some adults can’t really handle babies on their own or to even think of having one for their own is out of the option.At some point they may have a point out of it. Since you have to think about the best formula for baby every day, whether it’s every 4 hours or more depending on the baby’s needs which is different from every baby. Having a baby is such a huge responsibility. This is not the reason you should not like babies.Although, there is in fact a huge responsibility but if you thoroughly think it through it’s really an exciting fact to see how they will look when they grow up and their unique characteristics as a person.When you like a baby it doesn’t necessarily means that you have to have one. 

The simplicity and complexity of a baby is really amusing to see and they grow up so fast that they won’t need any breastfeeding formula or any help from you afterwards. Some are not comfortable in being around babies or little kids but maybe it’s just because you haven’t been totally around them. Try to bond with them and see how the wonders work.It’s a good practice to try once in a while in being with babies whenever you have a friend who needs help in taking care of their baby for a day or just for an hour is more than enough. Afterwards, if it’s still a rough night then just go for a walk and clear your head. Give it another chance. Talk about it with your friends and maybe someone who also used to not be fond of babies. Maybe, you’ll feel differently when it’s already your own child. Don’t think about the negative things such as having it in for nine months or keeping you up all night. Instead think of the bright side where it’s going to be a priority to take care of your child and picturing yourself in guiding them all throughout the times they need you the most but it’s also a privilege to have another life in your family where you could be known as the BEST PARENT by a special someone which is your baby.